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Choosing Rugs For The Same Room – 3 Important Points | Alyshaan Fine Rugs


The cardinal sin is to use the same exact rugs in a room where multiple rugs are being placed. NEVER do this; you will not use two exact same paintings on the wall, so why would you do that with the “Art” on the floor. It has many bad effects; they take away from each other’s look, and it’s boring. This also makes the rugs look like they are cheap reproductions, even when you are using fine handmade rugs. The best way is to use rugs that are different, but very complimenting to each other in the design and colors used. The only possible exception to this rule is the hallways; I have seen the same rugs used and look nice as hall runners, but I would still prefer these to also be complimenting rather than the same.

Kitchen and other room viewable together2. THE SAME STYLE AND COLOR PALETTE:

The rugs throughout the house don’t have to follow the same style or color palette, but the ones that are visible together should follow certain theme of style and colors. If the entry, hallways, living and dining rooms are all visible together, then follow a certain theme, but you can go to an entirely different theme in the bedrooms or study.


Great room 1Don’t try and force the same direction on rugs, this doesn’t make any difference. If you are decorating a great room, and the sitting area rug is going vertically, the dining area rug can be vertical or horizontal. Place the rugs in each area the way it looks best, and don’t worry about keeping them all in the same direction.

Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale Arizona has 4000 fine handmade rugs in stock in contemporary, tribal, persian, traditional, and transitional, styles that are view-able online, giving you enough variety to find complimenting pieces for every room.

By Saeed Aslam

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