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Round Rugs

Learn everything you need to know about round rugs, such as how they are made, determining the right size, and how to decorate with them.

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Following below is the information promised on Round Rugs.  

 Round Rugs in the Home

Area Rugs are floor coverings which are for a specific size, as compared to wall to wall carpeting. Round rugs are a type of area rug, defined by their shape and come in a variety of sizes. 

In certain areas of the house that have a circular look or feel, like the foyer or a semi-circle area in the bathroom or between two rooms, the round rugs look the best. Round rugs are also perfect for use beneath a round breakfast table, or a circular seating arrangement or a round center table in a foyer.

*For handknotted rugs over 7" round

Types of Round Rugs

There are two main types of round area rugs: machine made and handmade.

Machine Made Round Rugs

Machine made round rugs are usually created using synthetic materials, and sometimes wool. They are easier to make and take less time. Mostly common, you can see the same exact rug in many homes. They look cheap, are hard to repair if they are damaged, and they usually have zero to very little future value.  

Handmade Round Rugs

In handmade rugs, round rugs are one of the most difficult rugs to create. These are made by tying knots from one end to the other, and the fringe on the circumference of the round rug is artificially added and is not the foundation of the rug as is in rectangular rugs.  

Weave of Round Area Rugs

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnMajority of the round rugs are pile knotted rugs, and in limited designs. Pile rugs are hand knotted, loom knotted, and tufted and have a thicker nap, or a “pile” which is the reason for their name. 

Styles of Round Area Rugs

Round rugs are fewer in tribal, southwestern, contemporary and modern categories while the majority of the round rugs are in traditional designs. Custom design round rugs can be in any of these designs.


These are the first of the very intricate rugs designed and made. This term is usually associated with floral type Persian designs. Traditional rugs have usually been around for centuries and are some of the most popular designs in area rugs. 


These are made in nomadic environment by tribal people living in remote areas of the world. These rugs are usually made in the most old fashioned way, with hand spinning of the wool . They are usually a looser weave, which is more conducive to a geometric design as opposed to a floral design.  


These are newer, more modern versions of traditional and tribal type designs, or totally new designs that have been introduced in current times. Contemporary and transitional designs often have a cross over. 


These are designs that cross between two styles, such as traditional or tribal designs with a contemporary flare. A rug can be contemporary and traditional or contemporary southwestern, for example. If it can fall between two different types of styles, then it is a transitional design rug.  

Custom Round Rugs

Custom design round rugs can be created in any design. Alyshaan Fine Rugs offers a fantastic custom rugs service and the best part is that there is no upcharge, the custom rugs cost the same as in stock rugs and you get to create the rug of your dreams, in the size and colors you always wanted. Here is a custom round rug that was made for a client's commercial use. 

Round Rug Sizes

These are from 3 foot round to 10 foot round. Although you can find them up to 18 feet, but over 10 feet they are rare. 

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