Custom Rugs Before and After

Alyshaan Fine Rugs proudly shares images of custom rugs designed by clients using our special custom rugs design service and proprietary Alyshaan software.

Creating a custom rug gives the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind original art piece for your home that embodies your taste, design, feel and palette.  The color choice rivals the rainbow and there are endless variables to choose from such as: material types, carving and pile height, all of which can be modified to create the exact piece that you desire. Our custom design program will bring your creation to life. When you are investing in such a long lasting and permanent piece as a high-end fine rug, settling for less should not be an option. You should be able to find the perfect design for your space.  Alyshaan offers powerful design tools, premium service and quality in fine custom rugs. The design is entirely up to your imagination.

We feature here custom rugs before and after images to showcase the rug design entered into the software and the final ‘after’ version produced, along with pictures from the homes of our wonderful clients who agreed to let us show how the custom rugs look when