The Latest Area Rug Color & Design Trends 2016

From bold and contemporary to antique and faded, many new rug design trends for 2016 have started popping up. Featuring a mix of styles and elements, the new trends in rug design are certainly pleasing to the eye! There is no shortage of interesting patterns and designs, and of course great quality. Make any room unique and complete with the hottest rug trends for 2016.

1. Neutrals and Pastels

Neutral colors are essential for creating calming spaces and reminding us to relax and live well.

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These colors are popular area rug colors because they are the elements that bring out the simplicity in our technology laden lives. Ranging from delicate beiges, pastel pinks, and therapeutic neutrals to warm grays, these soft hues will add beauty, and yet provide an organize d, clean look in any room. Classic neutral tiles or light hardwood floors work perfectly with these timeless rug colors.
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2. Bright Pops of Color

Brightly colored rugs are becoming more and more popular as 2016 rolls by. They add a burst of color to the home and can be used with almost any décor.

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A fun way to add color, for instance, to a minimalist design room without overpowering it is to add a bold rug as an enhancing feature. The rug will serve as an accent piece. Bright colored rugs are also especially popular here in Arizona because they allow you to enjoy the light and climate of the very sunny state.

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3. Contemporary Blues

Contemporary rugs make the perfect addition to a modern décor. Shades of blue allow for a calming and stable effect in any room.

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Depending on the specific shade, you can even create a dramatic look. Over all, Contemporary blues as a style and color have become increasingly popular and is a must on the hottest rug trend list! Blue-greys are also very common in contemporary styled rugs and will make your living room or bedroom seem more tranquil.