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 Rug Stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona

The single most important factor when it comes to buying fine area rugs, is the rug store you choose. No matter how much you know about rugs, you have to depend on the rug merchant for information, advice, service, selection, quality, and guarantees. 

Specialty Rug Stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona 

 Specialty Rug Stores:

Alyshaan Fine Rugs 

Arizona Rug Company

Azadi Fine Rugs 

Organic Looms 

World of Rugs

World Treasures 

Rug Information

Other businesses that carry rugs: 

Baker Brothers

David Adler Fine Rugs 


The Dump 


5 Things To Know About Purchasing A Handmade Rug

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ASID IFDA Houzz BBB Affiliations

Industry & Professional Recognition

Always go for a rug store that has been recognized by industry professionals like interior designers and relevant industry associations like ASID and IFDA. Reading reviews on sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Houzz will also be very helpful, along with referrals from friends, family and neighbors who own rugs. In a major purchase like handmade rugs, this research can pay off well in ensuring a good experience, and avoiding mistakes.

Rug Liquidation Sale

Liquidations - Auctions - Going out of Business sales

These are the worst venues for acquiring handmade rugs. You are forced to make quick impulse decisions, usually don’t get to try a rug out first, and the only guarantee you have is that the business you are buying from will not be there to stand behind their product. Normally the worst rugs of the industry are sold through such methods, so always avoid them and choose a reputable business in your area that has been around for a while with a good selection. 

Rug Information


If you are getting "fluff" that is in general terms rather than facts, then you need to question their ability to inform you, or their desire to help you make the right purchase. Statements like “This rug is like a Picasso of area rugs, its exquisite and will beautify your home for generations”, this is fluff. “This rug is hand knotted in India with 100% New Zealand grade wool and silk highlights on a cotton foundation, and it has about 100 knots per square inch; that’s proper information. So, ask many questions and don’t worry about being too demanding, ask away.

Rug Sale Gimmicks

Gimmicks - Sales - Value

Most rug stores will have a “perpetual” sale of 50% to even 80% off on every rug, every day. Don’t fall for these gimmicks. Most of the time, a reputable rug merchant will be able to offer you a good product at a good value, when you are ready. A great feature of handcrafted rugs is that you can find a rug to fit almost any budget. Even a large room size rug, made entirely with fine wool, can be acquired for a reasonable price. Just like any other product, paying too much is not a guarantee of good quality, and acquiring a very cheap rug will usually mean you are throwing your money away on an inferior product that wont last long or age beautifully. So skip the sales, dont be rushed, do your research, and when you are ready, acquire your work of art from the right place at a good value.  

Guarantees & Warranties

 These are important in all products, but imperative in handmade rugs because rugs are a very complicated product and its very hard for a consumer to ascertain the quality and value, and a lot of rugs are made with low grade wool and are washed with special chemicals to make them look nicer when they are new, but the first attempt to clean up a spill or once you get your rug washed, your rug looks awful in the spot cleaned area, or in case of full cleaning the whole rug loses it luster. So ask for a specific policy of how the rug store guarantees their product, and a written certificate of appraisal stating exactly what they are claiming the rug to be, and if you get a "dont worry, trust us, we will take care of it", that's your cue to look for the exit. 

Reliable Service At A Rug Store


If you are going to make an investment, you want to deal with a store with knowledgeable staff. Also inquire about what services the store provides, do they have In Home rug showing so you can view the product in your own environment. Do they let you live with your options for a couple of days. Do they offer free shipping. Do they have repair, appraisal and cleaning services. Even if you dont need these services now, just knowing if a business provides them will let you know if they are a good source for fine rugs. If you are getting "fluff" instead of information, then you need to question their ability to inform you, or their desire to help you make the right purchase. “This rug is hand knotted in India with 100% New Zealand grade wool and silk highlights on a cotton foundation, and it has about 100 knots per square inch”, now that’s proper information.

The Alyshaan Promise

Rug Guarantee

Alyshaan offers a lifetime warranty on all its hand knotted fine rugs and is the largest rug store in Arizona. With over 4500 rugs and a friendly and experienced staff on hand to help you make an informed decision. We also have the highest customer service standards and guarantee a great experience and your satisfaction. 

A few of our Awards that attests to our claim! 

Other Awards & Certifications

2017 Best of Houzz Customer Service Award  

2016 Houzz Best for Customer Service Award 

2014 Best Rugs Of Scottsdale, Scottsdale Living Magazine 

2014 Houzz Best for Customer Satisfaction Award 

Industry Partner of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 

Winner of 2012 ASID Industry Partner of the Year Award! 

Winners SBA Small Business Administration Award 2005


"The people could not be nicer nor more helpful. This was a great experience for us as we have always had wall to wall carpet and never purchased rug art. When purchasing another rug, we would not hesitate to use Alyshaan again.

- Passman

"I purchased 4 amazing rugs from Alyshaan Rugs in Scottsdale. One was a custom rug made in India. It is spectacular. They even sent several strike-offs to make sure they had the correct colors and textures. The rugs are very high quality and absolutely gorgeous! The staff is fabulous as well!

 - Jackie W

"The staff and management are very helpful and Mr. Saeed Aslam is one of the most knowledgeable professions who spent time with us to explain the where the Rugs are from and how made. Alyshaan is a great place to buy the best Fine Rugs in Arizona."

- Lumor

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