Types Of Rugs

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MACHINE MADE RUGS: These are power loomed on machines and are mass produced. Best way to tell whether a rug is machine made or handmade is to look at the fringe. On a rug that is machine made, the fringe is usually just simply attached or sewn at the back, while a handcrafted rug is made with the fringe as its groundwork and it is a part of the rug. Secondly, machine made rugs will have zero imperfections, while the handmade rug might show many flaws including slight crookedness, a design that may be inconsistent and other mistakes. Machine made rugs are generally made of man-made materials, but there are wool rugs also available. HANDMADE RUGS: The different categories of handmade rugs are, knotted (also known as tied), hooked, needlepoint, Soumak, tufted and chain-stitched rugs. The best rugs are hand knotted, or hand tied. ADVANTAGES OF HANDMADE RUGS: No furnishing or décor can match the value, functionality, durability, and beauty that fine handmade rugs give their owners. A good handmade rug will last for generations, age gracefully, appreciate over time, become an heirloom, and be a magnificent combination of function, beauty and value. They are true works of art that you live on.

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